Our Exhibits


Mike’s Farmers Market

Come explore the market! Children are given the opportunity to mirror their parents’ grocery activities and develop balanced eating habits. With shopping carts, baskets, and a checkout counter, your little shopper will have a blast planning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


The Reading Room

Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet. Adventure? Mystery? Fairytale? We have a wide selection of books available each child will be sure to love. Book donations are always welcome.


Under Construction Zone

Not a mess – imagination under construction! Children are encouraged to be inspired and build the perfect masterpiece! In addition to team work and creativity, children are able to develop their hand – eye coordination skills with legos, building blocks, and child-friendly tool sets.



Play student-teacher in the classroom, but minus the home work! We have a selection of activities for our tiniest guests, as well as paper and pencil lessons for your eager learner.


Kitchen & Bistro Co

Orders up! It’s a mock kitchen for all our future chefs and foodies! Your child will learn the importance of proper waste disposal, recycling, and composting. This exhibit also provides the opportunity for children to learn and utilize basic kitchen skills to create wonderful and delicious meals.


Fire Station #23

Prevent, Plan, and Practice! In this mock fire station your little fire fighter will learn the basics of fire safety: how to be safe, how to make their home safe, and what to do if there is a fire.


Recreation Studio

It has been proven that physical activity is linked to improved academic performance. Regular activity during the day is associated with higher concentration levels as well as more composed behavior. Let’s get your child moving!


Charlie’s Pet Hospital

Empathy and Compassion are essential in human development. Our pet clinic allows children to experience what it is like to care for a patient in need. Little vets in training are able to practice first aid and nuture their friendly neighbourhood pet back to health.

Participation in the performing arts allows kids to grow their self-esteem

Cedarland Production Theater

Participation in the performing arts allows kids to nurture their self-esteem, confidence, and poise. It builds skills in reasoning, creative thinking, motivation, and concentration. Skills in presentation allow for authentic self-expression. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your child’s performance!


Visual Arts Studio

There’s more to learning with arts and crafts than you may think. Colouring, drawing, and cutting all require bilateral coordination and fine motor skills, which translates to other areas of life including writing, tying shoes, dressing, and eating. Your little ones will love spending time with you and creating something together.